Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chapter X: Fulfillment

I invite everyone over after the optional skate. It’s a beautiful day, one of the last before winter. Time for a barbecue. They all show up around 4, bring beers and steaks. Olivia and Jordan arrive together and I pretend I don’t think they’ve been together since they woke up together. It kind of works.

Wives and girlfriends are here, where applicable. Some of the guys have pretty choice pieces on their arms. But the usual suspects are flying solo – Sid, Geno, Kris. Jordan and Olivia look like a semi-couple.

After dark, only the kids remain. We’re pretty drunk and no one feels like going out. I am inside looking for a citronella candle when I hear Olivia giggle. She and Jordan are in the kitchen. Afraid of what I might see, I don’t pass through but go around to the garage. As I pass the front window, I look in anyway. Jordan has Olivia pressed against the fridge and they are going at it. My heart instantly falls. Her hands are wrapped around his shoulders, his are buried in her hair. He pulls her head back and kisses her sweet, soft neck. If they aren’t already sleeping together, they will be now. That kiss has sex written all over it.

I stand in the garage and let the waves crash over me. The beer doesn’t help. I feel sick and rash and angry and sad. Suddenly I need all these people out of here. I grab the mosquito candle but when I reach the deck, Jordan and Olivia are already there.

“We’re going to go, I’m tired,” she says, holding out her arms for a hug. “Thanks for having us over.”

I barely close my arms around her. Her breasts brush my chest, I hallucinate that I feel hard nipples. “Goodnight,” I say softly because the only other thing I can think to say is, “Please stay. I love you.” I need them to leave. Now.

It cues everyone else that the night is over. When they’re gone, I sit on the porch and stew. I’m drunk, horny and frustrated. I haven’t had sex in what seems like ages, except with the idea of Olivia and the palm of my hand. As I reach for the bottle of tequila, I already know this is a bad idea.

I’ve paid for sex before. Not that I have to, thanks very much. But sometimes I just want to get down to business without having to pretend I like someone. Without wondering if she’ll know to leave in the morning, or start showing up at games like we’re dating. I dial the number in my phone listed under ‘Shoe Shine.’ I ask the sexy-voiced operator if Erica is in tonight. She is. I slug back another shot.

“I’d like to borrow a book from the library,” I say. They're pretty good at figuring this stuff out.

Thirty minutes later I am drunk enough that when I open the door, I think it could almost be Olivia. Erica is a little rounder, trying a little harder. But she’s got the long dark hair and glasses. She’s wearing a white button down barely closed over a very ample chest, and her ass is squeezed into a pencil skirt like a second skin. Stripper shoes, naturally. But with those she’s almost Olivia’s height.

“Hello Max,” she says, pressing a kiss to my cheek. I know she can smell the liquor on me. When we’ve been together before, just twice, we’ve gotten drunk together. Now I’m glad to be already there, because this is almost too humiliating to process.

“I’d like to call you Olivia, if I may,” I ask, like she can say no.

“That’s my name, what else would you call me?” she smiles. I’m sure this is very low on the list of requests Erica has handled. She looks in my eyes and must see that I’m not in a great place. Dispensing with the pretense of a date or a drink, she takes my head in her hand and places a soft kiss to my lips. With the other hand, she’s unbuttoning my shirt. I will my brain to please buy into this because it’s all I’m going to get.

As Erica starts moving, I feel my body respond appropriately. She opens my shirt wide and licks my nipples, biting them gently and blowing cold air onto them. Her hand slides down my stomach, over my pants and I’m grateful to be hard for her. We’re still in the living room while she’s opening my belt.

“Olivia,” I wince even as I say it. “Olivia.” I guide her over to the side of the couch. She dutifully leans forward, raising her tremendously nice ass into the air. She didn’t get into this business desperate, that’s for sure. I slide my hands up her thighs and over her ass. Then I do it again and bring the skirt with them. I kneel, running my tongue over her soft skin, in the ticklish spots behind her knees. Then I move up to the bottom of her ass and the sweet spot where her thong is stretched tight over the curve of her pussy. I put my mouth right to it, over the fabric, lapping with quick motions and hitting her clit a few times for good measure. She murmurs encouragement. Somewhere in the back of my head, I wonder how hookers can always be wet.

As I stand, she turns. “Max, don’t go too fast. Let me make sure you’re ready.” And drops to her knees. From here, she could be Olivia. It’s just the top of her head. She flips my shorts down and wastes no time getting my dick into her mouth. She’s definitely an expert – reading the ridge along the bottom like it’s Braille and changing the pressure until my blood flow doesn’t know which way to rush. I’m rock hard now, and starting to breath heavy.

“Olivia, I want you now.” She stands and assumes the leaned over position. The combination of alcohol and lust are making me dizzy. I grab her ass with one hand, hook the fabric of her panties and drive myself into her. She cries out, at least a good imitation of pleasure, and rocks back into me. Her ass is truly magnificent, though I somehow know the real Olivia’s would be better. As I force my cock deep into her crevasse, she moans my name and shakes her hips. My hand moves to her shoulder, keeping her bent over while pulling her into my lap.

“Harder, Olivia,” I growl.

“Fuck me, Max. Fuck me harder.”

The very idea of those words leaving the real Olivia’s glossy, ripe lips is enough to make me come. But I’m fighting it, hard, sucking every drop from this pantomime of her that I can possibly get. It might have to last me a long time.

“Down on the couch,” I saw. Erica moves around the arm and kneels on the couch – her arms brace against the arm and her ass is lifted. I draw her arms over the side, laying her down, then climb onto her back and slide my throbbing dick back into her. This is the leverage, the pressure that I needed. Full body contact. I thrust a hand down in front of her and roll her clit between my fingers. She’s squealing now, sounding realistic, and pumping the walls of her pussy against me with increasing speed.

“Pull my hair, Max,” she commands, and I do. I need something to hold onto anyway. I imagine it’s Olivia’s hair, dark and soft, and know that I’d be much, much more careful if it really were.

“Oh Max, fuck me. Give me that cock, baby,” she’s purring.

I’m nailing her. She’s bouncing off the couch as much as possible when held under my body. Her twat is throbbing and I know she’s close to coming. I am too, have been for ages, and the alcohol is starting to make me very tired. I grind slowly into her, feeling the smooth pillows of her ass against my thighs. Olivia, Olivia, I tell myself. I draw in and out twice, slowly, working myself right up to the very edge. Then, with one deep hard slam, I come. It shatters inside me and rains down like hail. I hear Erica moan and feel her body spasm.

I feel better, clearer-headed, but the second I look at Erica I have to get away. I pull out, zip to the bathroom and flush the condom. Evidence disposed. I clean myself up a little, wrap a towel around my waist and find Erica dressed again and sitting on the innocuous-looking couch.

“Guessing you don’t want me to stay tonight?” She’s smiling. I’m probably paying her to go home and paint her nails.

“Not tonight. But thanks,” I give her a kiss on the cheek.

“It’s always a good time with you, Max. Take care of yourself.”

When she’s gone, I shut the lights off and go to bed. My pants stay on the living room floor.

Without asking, Jordan drives to his house. Olivia doesn’t protest. All day there’s been only one thought in her head. She woke up twenty minutes before Jordan this morning, spooned against him. He had an erection in his sleep and it pressed into Olivia’s body. She was so turned on, both by the idea of sleeping next to him and the promise of the size of his cock that she slid away and masturbated while he slept like the dead. When he woke up, she pretended to be asleep and he shuffled off to the bathroom. She’s been thinking about it for 12 straight hours.

Olivia knows that sleeping with Jordan will elevate them from strictly casual. But they are headed there and it’s silly to fight it. Casual dating, casual sex. Something else Olivia hadn’t had in ages. She hadn’t been with anyone since Scott, over two years ago. The idea of everything she’s forgotten, the anticipation of relearning makes her more drunk than any beer could.

Jordan pulls into the garage of a modest brick house with white shutters and they enter through the kitchen. He pours a glass of water and hands it to Olivia for a sip. Then he takes the glass from her, bends down and lifts her over his shoulder like a fireman. He grabs the glass and carries them all upstairs. He dumps her onto the bed and climbs right on top. It’s dark, with the light from the hallway coming through the open door.

“Did I say ‘no sex’ last night?” he asks, kissing her neck and opening her shirt. “Sorry, that offer has expired.”

He kisses along her chest and into her cleavage. When he lifts up to pull off his own shirt, Olivia finishes her buttons and wriggles free. Jordan stands over her, debating whether or not to take his time the first time. She sits up and opens his belt. He hisses as she draws the zipper slowly down, intentionally pressing into the rise under his jeans. His shorts are next – she removes them in slow-motion. She smiles at the sight of his cock. He sees her smile and smiles too.

“Wow, Jordan.” Then she giggles.

A huge grin cracks his face. “Oh this is going to be fun.” He whips her pants off, admires her dark lacy underwear for two seconds and then jumps on top of her.

They wrap their bodies around each other. Olivia’s leg goes between Jordan’s and he presses his lap into her hip. She feels him getting hard, like a tree growing between them. She runs her tongue over his and bites his bottom lip, pulling it out. He responds by pinching her nipple so hard she gasps.

I’ve never been with someone so much bigger than me. He can literally do whatever he wants. And I like it, she smiles.

He takes both her hands in one of his and stretches them high over her head. Straddling her, he runs his tongue from the inside of her wrist down the underside of her arm all the way to her shoulder. Then over her chest, between her breasts, down the curve of her side and along the very top of her panties. He gives her a quick look, then takes his first taste of her pussy.

Olivia’s so keyed up she almost dies. Her eyes roll back at the first blast of heat from Jordan’s mouth. His huge hands are pressing her thighs apart and down into the bed. He nuzzles the fabric like a cat pawing into something comfortable.

“Jordan,” she whimpers.

“Sorry, very busy,” he mumbles. “Oh wait, do you want to ask me something?”

“Take off my underwear,” she says. He obliges. “Now do that again.”

Olivia knows she’s going to come momentarily. Jordan’s attentions are so different from Scott’s, so different from anything she can even remember. He’s so eager for her, so playful yet desperate to be close to her body. And her body sings at every touch. She’s like a guitar string about to break. As Jordan presses his tongue deep inside her, she knows he’s playing the right note.

Jordan adds his fingers to the scene. Two slide into her soaking wet slit with a little gushy noise. She’s warm and tight inside. He presses them in time with his tongue and feels her body ratchet tighter. It’s going to be a good night.

Oh my God his fingers are so long, Olivia almost thinks as she’s blacking out. He taps her g-spot, almost accidentally. But the second tap is on purpose. And the third. He’s playing with her.

“Jordan, please. Please I want you to make me come.”

Like a good kid, Jordan does what he’s told. He hits one spot with a finger and the other with his tongue. Olivia’s back arches like she’s in The Exorcist and then her body slams back into the mattress. A sob breaks from her throat. Her pussy pulses hard against his fingers, drawing him deeper. He laps at her warm, salty gush. When he’s sure she’s done, he puts his chin on her stomach.

“Don’t fall asleep, kitten. I am definitely not finished with you.”

“Come and get it,” she says, her voice spent.

For all his bravado Jordan knows he won’t last long. He’s tired and extremely hard and he wants this really, really bad. So he rolls Olivia over, runs a hand down her back and over the perfect round of her ass. He covers her body with his and kisses her neck.

“Is this okay?” he asks.

“You are perfect,” she answers, lifting her butt slightly in welcome.

As he slips his cock inside her, Olivia loses her breath. It takes a moment for her body to expand to fit him, and then there’s still more. Another second later, he’s in her like a glove that’s almost a half size to small. It feels like heaven.

“Oh my god, Olivia,” he blurts. He is only 20. “Jesus, you are hot.” She laughs her agreement then bites it back as he starts to move.

Very slowly, making sure to spread her wetness over him for maximum glide, Jordan moves his body in and out of Olivia’s. She shifts her hips, perfecting his angle. When he gets all the way in, she surprises him with a hard, fast squeeze of her muscles. He gasps.

“Fuck! Do that again.” She does. “Wow. Okay stop, or I will die.”

He wraps his arms around her and nestles his cock into the tight, hot folds of her body. They’re both overwhelmed by the amount of sensation they’re getting from each other. Jordan moves his hips, keeping his chest to her back as he feels it out. When he’s comfortable, he begins to move more rhythmically. Olivia moans. Jordan watches her slide a hand under her body and feels from the inside that she’s helping him along.

“Are you touching yourself? I like it,” he says. Her laugh turns into a moan as he gives her an especially deep thrust.

“Sit up and put your hands on my back,” she instructs. Jordan does. He’s been around the block, but Olivia is an older woman. He’s looking forward to learning a lot from her. He sits over her thighs, still balls deep inside her, and braces himself against her back. Instantly he is harder. This pressure at this angle changes everything. From the trembling inside Olivia’s body, he knows it’s working for her too. He’s moving at speed now, building up to something he’s been waiting months for.

I’m going to come inside Olivia, he keeps repeating, like a victory song.

“I’m gonna come,” she says out loud. “Lay back down on me.” Jordan does and feels the world shift on its axis. New parts of him are stimulated and the rush goes right to his cock.

“Me too, Liv. Come with me,” he says. She squeaks out a reply then he feels her body shudder. Her hips roll hard, pulling firmly on his cock as he’s on the downswing. The next upstroke is a rush as his body flashes tight and then Jordan sees stars. His mind goes blank and he explodes like a firecracker. She moans beneath him, still shuddering and bucking. He gives her a last push before they both collapse.

Olivia’s vision blinks white as everything flies outward from her center. When the colors come back, before she remembers language or breathing, she thinks: This is going to be trouble.

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  1. OH no Max... that's not what you needed buddy.
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    Glad Liv and Jordan had some fun tohugh!

    Now, they've both enjoyed themselves, get her with Max*
    Great update!

    p.s. Not gonna lie, I was hoping she'd call out Max' sname! lol